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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Early's Gifts

What are our Fully-cooked meats? 

We have done all of the slow work so that you can take it the 'last mile' and make a tremendous meal for you and your family. 

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When selecting one’s perfect honey there are a few things to consider. First, is to understand that there are different varieties of honey. So often we hear “Wait, There’s different types of honey?” Yes. Well, sort of.
All honey is produced the same way. When honey bees pollinate flowerings, they then return to their hives and regurgitate the honey into the hives as a way of storing a food source. And that honey is then harvested by the beekeeper, leaving enough for the bees to feed on during the winter.

But, honey gathered from certain types can take on very different tastes and it’s a beautiful thing. This difference in taste comes from the types of flowerings that the bees predominantly pollinate from. I say predominately, because there is really no environmentally responsible way to totally ensure that only one type of pollen finds itself into the honey.
Here are a few profiles:
Local Clover: Clover is the distinction that we give to our local honey as the clover flowerings are chiefly where our bees pollinate. This honey tastes like your most traditional honey. It has a sweet, consistent taste throughout.
Orange Blossom: From the blooms of the orange tree in Northern Florida. This honey is going to have a more citrusy and floral finish to it.
Tupelo Honey: This honey is the result of pollination from the blooms of the Tupelo Gum Tree. The Tupelo honey has a light buttery taste and it also has very high levels of Fructose versus Glucose. Because of these levels it is a honey that many feel is usable for diabetics.
Sourwood Honey: Sourwood Trees grow at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. When the honey Bees pollinate those blooms the result is a delicious dark honey with a spicy finish to it.


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Posted by on in Early's Gifts

Check out our video showing steps to make a simple but delicious Red Eye Gravy!

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Posted by on in Early's Gifts

Much of Early's fame over the past 90 years is because of our Poke Breakfast Sausage. Its a delicious product, but we get a lot of questions on preparation. So we decided to take a moment here to discuss it. 

When you receive your sausage go ahead and place it in the freezer until you are ready to use it. 

When you are ready to use your sausage take it out of the refrigerator and let it thaw for about 15min (it cuts best from a partially frozen state)

Our sausage smoked in a cloth bag. Removing the cloth bag is easy to with our 'Easy-open' stitching. Just grab the string at the bottom and pull.

Watch our instructional video below:

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Don't be these guys this 4th of July. Cookout responsibly and enjoy!


Too much propane



Step away from the grill



Not in the cemetery



Keep the fireworks away from the charcoal 



...And don't let the grill get near the house


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Posted by on in Early's Gifts

Early's Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham

Our sugar-cured ham, sometimes called a “City Ham,” is a ham that is cured predominantly in sugar rather than the salt that is used in our country ham.

The difference between a Cure and a Glaze? 

Many people mistake a sugar-glazed or honey-glazed ham for a sugar-cured ham. A glazed ham is simply a ham that has a glaze baked on to the ham. This process results in the outside layer being very sweet, but the rest of the ham lacking in that same sweet flavor

Our Sugar Cured ham has a mixture of salt and sugar, predominately sugar, spread on the ham. The ham is then left to cure for about a month. That curing time gives our ham a rich, sweet flavor throughout!

Spiral Sliced Ham

Our Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham is sweet and rich throughout making any occasion even more memorable 


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Posted by on in Early's Gifts

Local Honey Benefits.

Everyone is always asking us “Is it true that local honey can help with allergies?”

Yes! It can, although it may not work for everyone. Local honey can act as a powerful combatant to allergies that one may experience during allergy season.

 What does local honey mean?

 Bees pollinate from bloomings to create the honey that we all enjoy. When bees pollinate from these plants and fly back to the hive, they pack the honey into the comb. When the bees are packing honey they excrete traces of the flowering plant’s pollen into the honey. As a result, local honey can actually act as a type of vaccine to allergies, providing the body’s systems with a little jolt of local pollen, making the pollen that you inhale less adverse to one’s body.

 Raw unpasteurized honey?

 To realize any health benefits, it is important for the honey to be both raw and pure. Many times honey is pasteurized and it is important for the honey not to be pasteurized. The pasteurization process negates any of the traces of local pollen that would be found in the honey.

 For this same reason, it is important not to put the honey that you are trying to use for health benefits into coffee or tea. Just take a 1-2 teaspoons per day… it tastes great and can help your health!

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Just in time for your holiday ordering!

Have a look around - we've got recipes, reviews, photographs, and easy online ordering...

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